Associated Food Services

"The PowerPillars have been great for us. They are very flexible and mobile; they act almost like a retailer "humvee". They allow us to impulse merchandise in many different departments with excitement and cleanliness. The SwingStrips are the best "J-hook" program we have ever implemented. Our sales grew by nearly 70% on the program during our first year of execution. The combination of superior engineering with a marketing flair has been a winning combination for us. Tom and his team have been great to work with and have helped us solve many in-store merchandising problems. Their customer service has been excellent. We have benefited greatly with their partnership."


"I found T.M. Shea to be focused on the needs of the customer and application in retail. T.M. Shea personnel is knowledgeable, professional and skilled in aligning product to effective merchandising.

T.M. Shea staff is responsive in offering various solutions/scenarios for affordable merchandising. Most requests received a response within the same day."

O'Reilly Auto Parts

"The use of T.M. Shea Products has provided additional merchandising space and in return has increased sales and profits for our company. Very consistent in their design work, quality, plus excellent customer service."


"Since the implementation of your new decorative toss pillow rack we have increased our selling space by almost 50%, decreased store maintenance, created a much higher visually appealing look for the pillows with pillow dividers, and most importantly drove sales up 80% in the same selling space."


"T.M. Shea Products manufactures amazing displays that launch new products into the hands of consumers. Every product we placed on a T.M. Shea display we realized a minimum of 25% increase. Our customers overwhelmingly supported them and the consumers found them easy to shop and created a...Stop, Look and Buy call to action. Use them - they work!"

The Good Cook

"We had substituted a regular j-hook display in the Food Lion grocery stores with your fixture. The back-to-back perpendicular look off a shelf increased our sales almost 600%. Wow, this is incredible."


"The metal wing arms that TM Shea provided solved a huge challenge we had in providing our automotive retailers with eye-catching Point-of-Purchase signs without taking up valuable product space. Customer Service was also phenomenal! Thank you for everything!"