Improving your store's refrigerators and freezers' visual appearance will make your shop more appealing to customers. Merchandising can help with marketing and may even increase sales. If you’re looking for point of sales, merchandising ideas, or signage, you may like to have a look at TM Shea’s products. 

If you’re a small business owner who’s looking to improve the look and functionality of your retail display, read on. This article will give you merchandising tips and solutions for liquor, convenience, and grocery stores. 

Merchandising ideas for cooler

Freezers and refrigerators can be designed to encourage your customers to make a quick purchase. Most customers who visit grocery stores will come prepared with a list of what they want. Merchandising makes your products more appealing and will encourage your customers to buy something that’s not on their list. 

Appealing signage

You probably already have a fridge or freezer with a glass top to encourage customers to look inside. This often isn’t enough to secure the sale. It’s essential to ensure that your fridge or freezer is well organized and that prices are visible.

It’s also a good idea to add signage or stickers to the sides of the fridge. Cover white space with a customizable sign or sticker. This could include your company logo, branding, an attractive image, and a slogan. Perhaps you can write a quote from a previous customer about how good the products are or a short sentence to encourage people to treat themselves. For example, “It’s hot outside. Cool down with a refreshing drink.”

Many commercial coolers are designed to hold a sign above their doors. Ensure that you take advantage of this space and have an appealing sign that will attract customers to make a purchase. 

Hanging signs

You may also like to add hanging signs to your shop's ceiling, making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. Ensure that the signage can be easily spotted from a distance, as this makes your coolers and freezers easier to find. 

Cooler glass bracket power strips

You may also like to hang a clip strip on the front of your cooler door. This can be done using a metal bracket. If you decide to hang items on the front of the freezer or cooler doors, ensure that it’s a complimentary product. For example, an ice cream scoop on the front of a freezer door. It’s also a good idea to hang all the strips at the same level as this makes it more visually appealing. 

TM Shea Products

If you’re looking for merchandising ideas and solutions for your retail outlet, don’t hesitate to contact TM Shea. The company can help you to maximize your retail space and create attractive displays. They have a large selection of signs available and can help you find the perfect beverage cooler merchandising solutions. 

Contact the team today on 800 992 5233 to see how they can help improve your store!