Off the Gondola

More Selling Space for Retailers - More Impact for Brand Manufaturers

When you are looking for ways to implement a robust impulse and/or cross-merchandising campaign or looking for innovative ways to add new products between plan-o-gram resets, we are the team to call for new solutions. 

With over 100 display designs for your gondolas, we have perfect solutions for every area of your sales floor in virtually every format/store design.  Capitalize on your unused 'white space' in center store, perimeter and front-end with our impulse and cross-merchandising display systems.    

What makes us different:

Disposable ‘strip clips’ are inexpensive, yes, and they are easy for your store teams to implement. But are they working?  Do your customers like them? Are they easy to shop and reload? Do they improve the visual aesthetic of your sales floor?  

Our gondola displays offer innovative ways to impulse merchandise all types of products, whether they are peggable, bulk, bottled or boxed.  Our display systems are easy to install, easy to shop, easy to reload and because we offer them in several colors and styles, they dramatically improve the visual aesthetic of your sales floor over ‘strip clips’ and traditional methods of impulse merchandising. 

We find ourselves in the long-term .com battle and now, more than ever before, your stores need to engage your shoppers in new and innovative ways. Increasing your promotional display strategies will dynamically increase top end sales and bottom line profits. We invite you to explore with Team Shea - What’s Next for you!    

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