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Shelf Displays

The problem

Over the years, retailers have implemented a J-hook or a strip clip program that hangs off the shelf every 8 or 12'.  Strip clips, either 1 or 2 sided, do not look visually appealing due to products hanging in different directions and looking unorganized.  When shoppers pull products off of strip clips, they don't return the product to the strip, they put it on the shelves, thereby increasing the in-store labor/maintenance to re-merchandise the products.  The strip clips are also more difficult to reload.  

The Shea Solution

Over the years, we have evolved the impulse and cross-merchandising campaigns by creating strip and panel systems that utilize peg hooks.  Most retailers agree that by creating a stronger more visually appealing impulse display program which is shopper friendly and ideal for the store-level teams, this display is a winner and is the reason why it is the most widely accepted display by retailers from every industry across the nation.

The peg hooks on the strips/panels are easy to shop, easy to reload and can offer multiple SKU/variety of product per display if desired.  


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