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Create New Selling Space Maximizing Solution Selling Strategies

While non-sustainable cardboard floor displays are getting fancier, they are also getting more expensive, they are still a temporary solution, they don’t offer strategic continuity, they still fall apart on the sales floor and they are not eco-friendly. When you are looking for a dynamic and performance-driven floor display program, we are the team to call for new solutions.

Implementing a cohesive floor merchandising program on your sales floor is a perfect way to offer your shoppers visual continuity along with flexible and modular solutions. Choose our floor displays with casters to have flexibility of moving the display throughout the sales floor to heighten product promotional sales and visibility to your shoppers.  Plan-o-gram your front-end to incorporate these displays for last-minute purchases ahead of the check-out lanes to increase average sale per customer. 

What makes us different:

Our PowerPillar floor displays have a small footprint of 14” or 18” and offer anywhere from 8’-12’ sq. ft. of new-found selling space. These floor displays are modular and flexible while offering a wide array of storewide applications holding pegged, bulk, boxed or bottle products. The product offerings can be rotated out for timely promotions, value propositions, promotional price-point and solution selling.  Add custom signs to coordinate with store décor or departmental graphics. 

Our proprietary floor displays maximize sales and profitability in a small footprint while delivering huge top end sales and bottom line incremental profits. We are excited to share ideas and discover the best solutions for your sales floor!

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