On the Floor

Merchandising Floor Spinner

The Problem

Throughout the history of floor merchandising, most floor displays are made specific for CPG brands and are offered for temporary/promotional merchandising.  The stores typically have a hodgepodge of floor displays which create visual clutter.  Cardboard displays are temporary, expensive, are oftentimes haphazardly put together by the store teams and quickly fail over a short amount of time. 

The Shea Solution

We have identified this problem and have created uniform floor displays that offer visual continuity.  The graphic package can be created to match store décor or Brand identification.  These displays offer solution selling and promotional price points while keeping the basic fixture design platform.  Most of our displays can spin and have casters for easy mobility and promotional floor placement.  We are strong believers in maximizing your sales and profitability in a small footprint.  In many cases this incremental sales opportunities can be brand CPG supplier-funded with timely rotation.   It is important to have fresh and new products rotating on a timely basis.  

Floor Spinner Solutions

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